Be an Ethical Coupon User

Posted on March 2nd, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

Couponing isn’t just about saving money. As you’ve probably seen on TV and online there are definitely somw crazy couponers out there. Don’t be one of them! Some unethical couponers have gone as far to make the 6 o’clock news. It’s important for those of us that follow the rules to teach the “newbies” so that we can all be couponing for years to come. What is ethical couponing?

An ethical couponer will…

1. Never copy a coupon. Photocopying a coupon is fraud. This especially goes for coupons that you print from the internet. It would be pretty easy to use them over and over in a store, but it’s wrong.

2. Follow the directions of the coupon. If it said buy 4 and you buy 2 and get away with it, that’s wrong. Even though the coupon may scan, don’t buy the smaller/cheaper size.

3. Throw away or donate your expired coupons. Did you know you can send your coupons to the Overseas Coupon Program and they will send them overseas? Yep! Our military can use coupons for much longer than we can.

4. Use coupon “peelies” immediately. You see those stickers on items in the store that say save now. They really do want you to do it NOW. Don’t save them for later.

5. Don’t clear shelves. Personally I think it’s a poor coupon practice to go and buy 50 things of shampoo. Even if you can, you are keeping other people from sharing in the loot.

What do you do to stay ethical? Have you seen some unethical couponing? Tell us about it.


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  1. Michelle March 4, 2012

    Sadly yes, I have seen it. Please do not re-scan the internet coupon and bring it into the store. As a cashier who takes them and has to turn them into the coupon clearing houses it saddens me that folks take advantage of the manufacturer and the store. FYI the store may not get reimbursed for the frauduluent coupons that folks have used. It may effect the stores coupon policy in the future if to much of a loss is taken by them. Please coupon thoughtfully and responsibley.

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