Last Minute Baking Tips

Posted on November 27th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I love baking for the holidays, but I find I have always somehow forgotten something when I buy the ingredients. I have learned how to work around some recipes without going back to the store.

Oil, Butter, and Shortening

I find these items to be interchangeable when baking. If I don’t have butter, oil will do. If I have butter, but not shortening, butter usually works. Or if I have oil, then that is what I use. It works well in bread, pizza crust, and even cookies.

Powdered Milk

I always keep a box of powdered milk handy. That way if I run out of milk I can still finish my recipe. Powdered milk works great in most recipes I have come across that need milk, including pudding.


If I don’t have eggs I use mayo. There is a little of an after taste sometimes, but it works well at binding the ingredients I am working with.


I have often found that I need brown sugar for a recipe, and don’t have it on hand. I use white sugar instead. This works well in cookie recipes. It does taste a little different, but still will make a good cookie. This does not work for recipes calling for powdered sugar.

Vegan Recipes

I like to checkout vegan alternatives if I just can’t make it back to the store. Often they have unique ways of getting around animal based ingredients for a recipe. They are often healthier as well.

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