Avoiding Baggage Fees

Posted on September 12th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I hate fees! You might as well rip up money right in front of me. Baggage fees are a kind of new fee that is equally annoying. Here are some thing you can do to make it less expensive for you.

1. Carry on only! A lot of people are no longer even checking baggage, they are just taking things as carry on. That’s definitely one way to avoid that fee. Just make sure it fits and make sure that if it’s full you don’t plan on bringing anything back with you because it won’t fit.

2. Weigh your stuff at home. This will at least give you an idea of how close you are regardless of the scale differences. If you are close, take some out because you’ll most likely be over at the airport.

3. Buy new clothes! This sounds crazy to some of you but hear me out. If you are going for a short weekend, it may be cheaper or at least just as much. You can sometimes spend a couple hundred dollars on luggage fees. Instead buy yourself a new wardrobe with that money instead. Then mail the clothes back to yourself when you go home. It may not be cheaper, but at least this way you just aren’t paying fees!

4. Fly an airline that doesn’t charge. There are several out there that don’t. So if you can go with them.

5. Get an airline credit card. Some of them will have waivers for bags. Just don’t charge anything to them 🙂

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