Avoid Coupon Burnout With Rainchecks

Posted on August 16th, 2015 by Coupon Cathy



I have been couponing now for almost 9 years. When I first started couponing, I got burned out after the first two months. I made the HUGE mistake of “deal chasing“.   What is deal chasing?  A deal would pop up online and I would RUN to the store.  I would also wake up at the break of dawn on Sundays, the day all the ads started, and go from store to store trying to snag the HOT DEALS before the shelves were cleared. At the time I had 2 little ones, so I would pack them up and head on out.  On Saturday night, I would stay up late prepping. Needless to say, I crashed and burned.   It was exciting at first, then I dreaded it, then I just STOPPED.

Something had to give. I loved the savings, but spending all that time and rushing all over town was tiresome. Then it hit me. RAINCHECKS What are rainchecks? When a store advertises a sale in the ad, and they run out of inventory, you can grab a raincheck and come back at a later date to get the product at the low sale price. Even when the sale has ended. GENIUS! This was my solution. This saved me.  No more stressing out.  If there is a deal that is HOT and I get to the store and it’s not there,  I get a raincheck.  That way, I can then come back at my leisure to get the deal.

I LOVE MY RAINCHECKS!  Rainchecks are good for 2 things.  One, I can shop at my leisure as I stated above.  Two, I have time to gather more coupons together and get more deals.

Of course there are some exceptions. Sometimes a store will put a limit on items or they will add the wording “no rainchecks”. But, most of the time, rainchecks are allowed.

Finally, keep in mind that the deal will most likely come around again!  Sales and coupons go in cycles.  So if you miss out on a deal, don’t get upset,  it will most likely show up again.


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