At Home Cat Grooming Kit

Posted on December 3rd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I like to keep my pets in tip top condition. Grooming them myself is a wonderful way to spend time with them, reduce home allergies, and help them feel loved. It also saves me the money of going to a groomers or the vet to have it done.

For Claws

Cat claws are very fragile. For this reason it is better to get a pair of claw clippers instead of a nail grinding tool. Claws need to be cut a little above the quick once every two weeks.

A Brush

I have seen a wide variety of brushes and combs for cats. If I am looking to groom a short hair cat a matting (or wire brush) won’t really be neccesary. For a long hair cat however a matting brush is almost mandatory, because long haired cats mat so easily.

For Teeth

Vets and pet stores both sell feline dental kits. They consist of a special type of toothpaste and a little finger brush, so I can brush my cat’s teeth about once a week. Never use human toothpaste.

For Baths

There are many types of feline shampoo, but unless my vet asks me to use something else, I use a water less ¬†cleanser. Rather than spray it on the cat, I spray it on the brush. This way the cat doesn’t feel like he’s become part of a water fiight, and I can still get him clean. I also do this once a week.


Grooming a cat can become a weekly event that takes a little as fifteen minutes and no fuss. All I have to do is be sure I make it happen. This tells the cats this is a normal activity.

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