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Posted on March 31st, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Bath time can be full of turmoil when you have a little one. Water can be scary and get in a child’s eyes. The drain makes weird gurgling noises. The place that your child sits can even be slippery. Some tools for baby bathing are well worth the cost. I have never regretted the bath floor skid stickers or the bath chair I bought. Some items that can improve bath time can be found around the home.

Liquid Soaps

Hand soap, non dishwasher dish soap, and even shampoo make a great source of bubbles for little ones.  We just need to make sure that after tub time we use plenty of lotion to replenish moisture in our skin that the soap may steal. It’s much less expensive than soap sold as bubble bath whether for children or for adults. It’s also fun to add bubble wands to the bath so that you and your child can blow bubbles in a bubble bath.

I have often found this also makes it easier to wash our little guy’s hair. He will even put the bubbles in his hair by himself and lathers. Then I hand scoop water into his hair to help him rinse. It’s fuss free and keeps bath time fun.


They do what all sponges do. They soak up water and can be squeezed out. When we want to go the extra mile we take a marker and draw shapes on the dry sponge. Then we cut the shape out for bath time. This helps our little one be more interested in using a sponge because he helped create the shape.

Old Sippy Cups

These beauties can be sunk, filled, and poured. Sometimes we poke holes in the bottoms of them so that they can also drip. We use the very basic plastic kind that cost about five dollars for ten cups. If your child is still using these cups and you would rather not poke holes in them, just put the lid on the cup and turn it upside down. It should still be able to drip.

 What things do you use for bath toys?



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