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Posted on February 11th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


I love looking at the app store on my mobile device. I love checking out the free app of the day or finding a really inexpensive, yet useful app. There are a few types of apps I have run into that could end up being very costly if I were to give in to my impulse spending ways.

In App Buying

Nothing can nickel and dime your money away like in app buying. It usually comes in the form of perks for a free game. You spend extra money on specialty items, game boosts, or extra content. Soon what started out being a free game turns out costing a great deal more than you ever planned to spend. If you have the will power not to impulse buy you may still enjoy the game, but if that’s your weakness, steer clear.

Partially Free

A close cousin of in app buying is the partially free app. This app is at least up front in letting you know you aren’t getting all the content. It appears mostly in educational apps. For example I may want to get my child a preschool learning app. Alphabet and counting may be free, but colors and shapes could cost extra. The fun thing about these are that sometimes you can find your colors and shapes in a different app for free.

Part of a Series

These type of apps usually revolve around a specific character or product. For example, a popular reading app may have several steps, which are each a separate app. Each app will cost you two to fifteen dollars. There may be a great deal of content, but often you can find a similar app for free. It may not be a one hundred percent match to the pricey app, but it’s the right cost for you.

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