Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

Posted on April 29th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I always have these suckers in plenty. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to put them in the dryer. These are also a great coupon item and can often be gotten free and regardless they are pretty cheap even without. With that in mind, I’ve learned several more uses for them other than paper weights in my laundry room. Here are some other ways I use them.

1. Dusting. These are FANTASTIC for dusting! They are ever so slightly moist and already have that static cling thing going on so they pick up dust amazingly!

2. Drawer fresheners. Dryer sheets are fantastic for putting in linen closets or your clothes drawers. People have actually started selling them for this purpose, but marking up the price and putting another label on them. Throw some in your closet or in with your unmentionables and you’ll have awesome smells!

3. Pet hair remover. Just rub is over the “hairy” area and it will clean it right up. This works on furniture too!

4. Clean soap scum! Yep, it totally cleans soap scum. You’ll want a used sheet for this, but it will totally wipe it right off!

5. Hair static remover. Doesn’t this list keep getting better? Love this trick in the winter. With static electricity in plenty, just rub a sheet over your hair and bam, smooth

User suggestions. These 5 are things I haven’t tested, but are said to be true. Let us know if you try!

1. Cleaning baseboards. Dampen them VERY VERY slightly and wipe away. They say this even repels dust and dirt.

2. Pot scrubber. Is your pan gets food cooked onto it and you can’t scrub it off, fill your pot or dish with water and one dryer sheet. In the morning it should be soft enough to get off.

3. Mosquito repellant. Rub it on you before going outside and it’s supposed to keep the blood suckers away.

4. Vacuum freshener. Place a sheet in your vacuum bag and it will make your room smell nice.

5. Shoe de-stinker. Have someone in your family with stinky shoes? Place some dryer sheets in their shoes and problem solved!



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