Alternative Diapering Ideas For The Tight Stretched Budget

Posted on April 29th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


You reach into the diaper box and discover a parenting nightmare. It may be because you are waiting on payday, or you didn’t replenish your diaper stock because you expected those cloth diapers to arrive in the mail sooner. It may just be a crazy week and you haven’t picked up diapers because you thought you had more than you do. Whatever the reason you are out of diapers. Sure you can go get more, but in the mean time what do you do to keep your little one covered?

Steal From The Older Sibling

In this case it would be okay. You may think that your tiny infant would be swimming in such a large diaper, but you can make it fit with the art of diaper origami. Simply fold the top front of the diaper down into the inside of the diaper to help it fit. Don’t cut the top of the disposable diaper off. You risk the chance of cutting too deep and all that diaper stuffing coming out. Also, make sure you fold in instead of out. This prevents the absorbent side from being exposed and causing saturation leakage. This is a great way to diaper your children and make it to your next payday.

No Older Sibling To Steal From

Okay McGyver! You will need:

1 Hand Towel

2 Safety Pins

1 Sanitary Napkin (ie: pad) (overnight is preferable)

A hand towel is basically the same size and shape of a cloth diaper, just made of a different material. You can fold it like a cloth diaper. If you don’t know how to fold basic cloth diaper search Youtube for a video you can easily follow. I like because there a multiple techniques for folding on a baby sized test dummy.

For extra absorbency place the sanitary napkin in the middle area of the the make shift diaper and close it up. Use the safety pins to secure the wings of the pad to the diaper, making the diaper secure.

If you don’t have safety pins you can use duct tape (it really does fix everything). Make sure that the sticky side is completely on the diaper so it doesn’t catch the the baby’s skin. Center it in the back and wrap it around until the ends meet in the center of the front of the diaper. Don’t double wrap your duct tape. You need to be able rip your duct tape to open the soiled diaper later.

If you don’t have a sanitary napkin, use one or two folded wash cloths.

I Have A Receiving Blanket. Got Any Ideas For That?

Yes, actually. There are several Youtube videos that work with a larger pre-fold diaper that is roughly the size of a receiving blanket. Try this video here.

Best of luck.

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