All You Need for a Hot Cocoa and Cookie Bar

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Homemade spicy christmas hot chocolate with marshmellow  in a red cup on a rustic wooden background.

“Hot cocoa” is infinitely more fun to say than “hot chocolate.” Just so you know.

Hot cocoa is the best. And it’s an inexpensive drink that just about everyone loves! That’s why having a hot cocoa bar set up at your next holiday or winter party is a must. You can get a really good spread going for not much money at all, and everyone is guaranteed to love it.

First, you need hot cocoa. Make up a big batch and then either store it in large bowls with ladles, or put your crockpot to use so that it stays hot!

Secondly, you need a pretty table. Lay out a table cloth and bring out some decorative or colorful bowls to fill with the candies! You’ll also need mugs. If you have enough ceramic ones, go for it! Or you can always buy a package of disposable coffee cups, too.

Thirdly, (really not sure if “thirdly” is a word. It usually ends at secondly…) bring out the toppings!


Chocolate and caramel are a must.


Cinnamon and nutmeg. And for those wanting a little kick, a pinch of chili pepper can be added, too.

Whipped Cream

I prefer the real stuff, whipped up and sitting pretty in a glass bowl with a spoon to scoop it into the mug, but the canned kind works great as well and requires less work.


Crushed Butterfinger, Kit Kat and Snickers. Chocolate chips are fantastic, and Andes Mints are always the favorite. Crush up some peppermint candy canes, and don’t forget the marshmallows and sprinkles.


There you go! Choose a few of those options and set out a plate or two of cookies and you’re all set!



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