All Natural and Thrifty DIY Hair Care

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 by Discount Debbie


For a while now, I have read about people going “no-poo,” that is not using commercial shampoo anymore. Well, I told myself that I was curious enough that ‘one of these days’ I was going to check into the recipes for whatever these people were doing to wash and condition their hair.

Well, ‘one of these days’ became yesterday. It was unbelievably easy and worked great! Okay, now. Brace yourself for easy, cheap and ALL natural (a beautiful trifecta)!!!

Here it goes. For the shampoo, you’ll need two ingredients. Two! And 99.9% of people reading this post right now have those ingredients in your kitchen.


1 cup of hot water

1 Tablespoon baking soda

Directions: Put them in a jar or plastic mustard or ketchup-type squirt plastic bottle and mix. That’s it. Work a little into your hair at a time. Some say that amount will last several days. I used it all. Maybe it’s because I used a jar and not one of those squirt bottles. Maybe it’s because I have lots of thick long hair. Whatever the reason, I didn’t feel bad. At all. 🙂 Most importantly, it worked great. I have to admit I was concerned about my hair and scalp feeling really clean after shampooing with water and baking soda. But, it was fantastic.

It was fantastic enough that I may never need to buy shampoo again. Crazy, huh? It’s new enough to me that I can’t even believe that I just said that! One of these days I’ll have to calculate how many pennies I spent on washing my hair with a cup of tap water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Yay for new, easy, natural and ridiculously cheap shampoo! 🙂

What natural and cheap homemade products have you tried lately?

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