After Christmas Sales: What to Look For

Posted on December 27th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Christmas is over. Sad face ūüôĀ

But don’t fret, that just means Christmas sales are here! Stores are already putting the sales out and marking down everything from candy to decor. A huge reason we have beautiful decorations around our house with a beautiful tree is because we bought it all on sale after Christmas the last couple of years. Most of the time stores mark down up to 80-90% off. You can’t afford NOT to buy these items on sale.

A lot of people pass up Christmas items this time of year because they are tired of the decor and ready to pack it up. They also think since they won’t use it for a year, it’s a waste of money. Instead of thinking like that, think of all the new decorations you’ll get to use next year! And when everyone else is buying Christmas cards at full price, you can remember that you got yours for 90% off! You win!

Here are some items to look for that will come in handy next year.

1. Christmas lights: Don’t just think Christmas lights. People often need Christmas lights all year round, but they are hard to find. It’s great to buy them up and have them ready for whatever event you have. We always have lights that go out during their summer slumber in our garage, so it’s nice to have fresh boxes for next year’s decoration.

2. Christmas cards: These particularly get marked down a lot. They have no other use other than Christmas, so retailers really need to get rid of them. Buy them up and ship them out next year.

3. Wrapping paper. This can be used all year round if you get the right colored paper. Solid colored can be used for any occasion. And think about all the fun you can have looking for wrapping paper that isn’t Christmas themed!

4. Food! Look past all the Christmas packaging on things. Retailers have to get rid of it because of it’s packaging, but Christmas¬†marshmallows¬†taste the same as Easter ones. Buy it up and reap the savings!

5. Check out Walgreens, Rite Aid and other drug stores. We were in Walgreens on Christmas Day for some medicine. They were already marking down items. Drug stores tend to mark down items quicker than the rest of the stores. There are less people there too!

What items are you hoping to stock up on?

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