Advantages of No-Contract Cell Phones

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Cell phones can eat up a huge amount of your monthly budget. To be fair, cell phones are almost a complete necessity these days—many people have dropped their landlines completely, and love being able to have instant access to contact friends, family, and 911.  However, contracts, fees, taxes, minutes, and data can eat up money like no one’s business. If you look at your cell phone bill and wonder why you pay for unlimited minutes when you only use 500 a month, or unlimited gigs of data when you rarely use your phone to go online, you may want to look at no-contract cell phones. These plans have some advantages over traditional cell phone contracts:

Pay-as-you-go options: This is a great option for people who want a cell phone, but want to limit its use or do not use one often. You put a certain amount of money in an account, for example, $25, and that money is drained only when you use the phone. If you talk on the phone for 10 minutes, you are only charged for those 10 minutes. When your account is empty, you put more money in. This is a good budget option for those who rarely use cell phones.

No contract: Traditional phone companies have you sign a 2-year contract with severe termination fees if you decide to drop the carrier before the end of your contract. No contract plans are just that—there’s no contract! If you have poor or nonexistent credit that might affect your ability to get a contract phone, or if you’re not sure you want to have a phone long term, or even if you just want the option to be able to drop your cell phone completely for any reason in the future, a no-contract plan may be for you.

Flexibility: Since you aren’t tied to a contract, you can swap phones without having to pay upgrade costs or remaining phone balances, or switch carriers with few financial effects.

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