A Thrifty Diva’s Guide To Birthdays

Posted on February 2nd, 2015 by Discount Debbie


If there is ever a time that a Thrifty Diva wants to throw all thrift to the wind it would be on hers, or a friend’s, birthday. Let’s face it. The reason that we are Thrifty the rest of the year round is so that we can let loose on important occasions like birthdays. There is, however, room for a little thrifty lifestyle during birthdays.

Tell People What To Get

I know that part of a birthday is surprise, but it can actually save people money when we tell them what we would like. For example, I may want crafting supplies for my birthday. My friend not knowing could get me a ten dollar gift card when a five dollar roll of crafting duct tape or a skein of yarn would do just fine. While I would make out like a bandit, it would cause my friend to spend more than she would otherwise need. I know I will appreciate her letting me know what she would like on her birthday.

Double Use Gifts

Some gifts can save you money. A friend may be able to give you crafting supplies that you could later use to make a purse or a blanket. First you get the joy of the craft. Then you get the fun of the end product. If you aren’t into crafting, there are other ways that a Thrifty Diva friend may save you money. Perhaps she compiles you a list of her favorite coupon, free sample, and bargain websites. Maybe she decides to teach you her super skill of finding deals.

Remember to Splurge a Little

On birthdays some Thrifty Divas feel a little guilt when it comes time to spend a little money on a birthday luxury. They shouldn’t. Just don’t go crazy. Get yourself a fabulous pair of shoes or a cute purse. Spend a little more for high end bath and beauty items. You could even go small and get yourself your favorite dessert at a restaurant. Go ahead and celebrate your new year.

How do you plan to spend your birthday this year?

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