7 Reasons to Cook at Home

Posted on July 19th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I love to cook, so it’s very easy for me to say you should cook too. But I will take it even further. I will give you 7 amazing reasons why you should cook at home. Why is cooking at home such a big deal? It’s healthier and it’s cheaper! Plus it usually ends up tasting way better! Just in case you need a little more motivation than that, check out this list.

1. You’ll spend less money. The New York Times ran this graphic a little while back that I thought was fascinating. A lot of people think that it’s cheaper to go out for fast food when actually you get more value and spend less when you cook at home. If you can’t see this graphic very well, please go see the original HERE.

2. You can be picky! You want food cooked a certain way or maybe even with a few tweaks? That’s ok, you’ll cooking it, you can be picky. Everyone at the restaurant is going to get the same meal when they order the same product. You can mix it up and make your whole family happy!

3. Want more? Go back for seconds! You can’t do that in a restaurant can you? Well unless you go to a buffet, but ignore that fact.

4. Leftovers! Need I say more? I love leftovers! Saves me time and even more money when I don’t have to cook another meal the next day at lunch.

5. Less stressful. Maybe this only applies to those of us with children, but going out with two small children is HARD. It’s very hard. I have the children that people move away from, so we don’t go out often simply because it’s stressful. When my son threw a milkshake at an elderly man, it was all over.

6. It creates good memories for your family. Some of my favorite memories were cooking with my parents. My dad was the cook in our family and I loved spending time with him cooking. Sometimes as a kid, I hated peeling potatoes, but now those times were special and I appreciate them.

7. You can teach your children to cook. What an amazing kid to give your children. Like I said, my dad cooked a lot and I learned a lot from him. I love that I can now teach my children what he taught me. Our favorite restaurant will never have that impact.


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