7 Habits of a Thrifty Diva

Posted on August 9th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Have you ever heard of the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”? Well I am here to give you 7 habits of highly effective Thrifty Divas.

1. We never pay full price. No really, we never do. We will always find the sale. We never need anything right now anyway!

2. Thrifty Divas always read the Sunday sales paper. If there are coupons, we will find them. The Sunday paper is our one stop shop for sales.

3. Thrifty Divas repurpose. When we look at old furniture or anything most people would throw out, we are thinking what we could reuse it for.

4. We know Thrifty lingo. We don’t just live for sales, we speak the language. Are you not up to speak on your couponing lingo? That’s ok, check it out HERE.

5. Thrifty Divas know how to negotiate. Negotiating is an art! Do you have a friend who can always talk someone down to a lower price? Talk to them and ask them how they do it. It’s not as easy as just asking, but that’s a start.

6. We do-it-ourselves! Thrifty Divas aren’t scared to get their hands dirty by trying home projects and making things from scratch. Want to save money? Try a DIY project.

7. Thrifty Divas realize time is as valuable as money. We know that when we spend time couponing and shopping around, we are making money an hour. We also realize when it’s not worth our time to try and save money. Remember it’s not just about money, but how you use your time as well.

What are some other habits of Thrifty Divas?

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