7 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze To Save Money

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Frozen berries and vegetables in bags in freezer close up

One of the worst feelings ever is opening up your fridge and pantry to see that most of the food has gone bad. The yogurt is now expired, the bananas are attracting a swarm of fruit flies, and your bread is turning a beautiful turquoise color. All that money spent on groceries two weeks ago is officially being tossed in the trash.

It doesn’t have to be that way though! Freezing a large portion of your groceries will extend the life of your foods! Now I’m sure that you already knew that. I bet you have a loaf of bread and/or a bag of fruit in your freezer right now. With Froyo as popular as it is, I bet there are a few containers in there as well. Way to go! Instead of going over the basics, I have included a list of foods that you may not have known you could freeze. Enjoy!


I think this one surprised me the most. I never pictured cheese as an item that could freeze well. Especially since one time as we put away groceries the cheese accidentally ended up in the freezer and it turned all crumbly once I placed it back in the fridge. The trick to avoid the crumbling is to let the cheese thaw completely in room temperature before putting it in the fridge.

Grating cheese is the worst, so we always buy bags of the already grated cheese. If you want to extend the life of your shredded cheese just add one or two tablespoons of flour and shake it so that it’s well incorporated. This will prevent the cheese from clumping together when it thaws.


Cook the rice normally and then spread over a parchment-paper covered pan to freeze. Once it is frozen you can relocate the rice into a Tupperware container and continue to store it in the freezer until you’d like to add it to your next soup or stir-fry.


Unless you have teenagers that seem to go through a gallon of milk a day, you may have a jug in there that gets touched infrequently enough that you often run into sour milk. To avoid this, or to save money by stocking up on milk when it’s on sale, simply place the jug in the freezer. After it’s frozen let it thaw and then shake it really well to make sure that it’s properly remixed.


Yep, I’m serious, you can freeze eggs! Make sure you don’t freeze them in their shell, though. Crack them into a Ziploc baggie and store in the freezer. Once you need them again let them thaw in the fridge and use them as you normally would.

Chips/Snack Foods

Bulk up on the snacks when the store is having a sale and toss a bunch of them into the freezer. Even with the preservatives, some snack foods end up expiring before you get a chance to eat them. A lot of people say that frozen potato chips taste even better than at room temperature!

Mashed Potatoes

Instead of letting your potatoes go bad, whip them into an extra large amount of mashed potatoes. Then take a portion of that and scoop into balls to place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Once they are frozen you can store them in a Tupperware container for up to two months!


That’s it! Geez, who would’ve thought that you could freeze most of that? Now here’s to hoping that you have enough room in your freezer to actually store some of these. 😉


What foods do you love to freeze to extend the life of your groceries?

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