6 Uses of Toilet Paper

Posted on April 1st, 2015 by Discount Debbie


In many ways toilet paper has you covered in various parts of your daily life.

The Intended Way

Let’s not go into a great detail about this way. We all know how to use it properly, I’m sure.


One of the great things about toilet paper is it’s flushable. It is made to break down in your plumbing and not cause clogs, unless you’re really trying. The same can not be said of tissue. It’s made to hold up against that epic sneeze but doesn’t break down quite as well as toilet paper. So why not just use toilet paper as tissue instead. You already have it on hand plus, with all the tweaks to softness and strength, it won’t be murder on your already agitated nose.


In a pinch toilet paper can make a great make shift napkin. I’m not saying pull it out at a fine dinner party and stick napkin rings on it. For an at home dinner, however, it can be a frugal finger cleaner and chin wiper.

Crafting Supply

When making those cute winter snow flakes with your kids, consider using toilet paper. First of all it’s already divided into equal sided squares. Second, it’s much less expensive than origami paper. Third, it will give your snow flakes a fluffier and softer look.


Yes, high school students everywhere have been using toilet paper to “decorate” their fellow classmates yards and homes. Outside it can be gross, especially if it rains.  Inside it can make really nice streamers for a potty training graduation party.

That Other Kind Of Napkin

Let’s say your monthly female proclamation has come and you’re out and about and not prepared. Folded toilet paper inside the lining of your undies should be able to get you home before any massive leakage takes place. You will, however, be looking at an hour deadline.


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  1. Grandma April 2, 2015

    I use toilet paper to make my own seed strips.

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