6 Creative Wedding Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted on August 3rd, 2017 by Uncategorized

If you’ve got multiple weddings to attend this year, you may not be able to afford the “typical” $50-$150 price tag that goes along with most standard wedding gifts. That’s totally fine! There are plenty of thoughtful gifts that you can give that won’t break the bank, but won’t seem cheap either! Here are 6 inexpensive and creative wedding gift ideas…

Activity Voucher – $10-$40
See a great deal on an activity you think the couple would love? Snag it and print out the voucher, and wrap that up as the gift! Date nights can get hard, so having something already paid for can be a huge help! (Extra points if you offer to babysit if they have children.)

Picnic Basket – $40
Now, a legit picnic basket may go for much more than $40, but you may be able to find one on sale, at a thrift store, or you could always use something else like a tote bag or tin lunch pail. Add a $10 grocery store gift card and some disposable plates and utensils, alongĀ a fun note mentioning a few local picnic spots and viola! You’ve got an insanely creative and adorable gift.

Gift Card – $25-$30
That is the perfect amount for a nice dinner at a not-so-expensive restaurant (think Chili’s or Olive Garden). The couple will love that they have an excuse to go on a date, especially since they’re probably exhausted from wedding planning!

Netflix or Hulu Subscription – $5-$25/month
Set the lucky couple up with a couple months of Netflix, and you’ll likely become their favorite person.

Personalized Christmas Ornament – $5-$25
Whether you buy frame ornaments that you add a photo in, or personalize one online, this is a very thoughtful gift that the couple will love! Note that if you end up buying one of these in the spring or summer, it will be even cheaper!

Meal Delivery Service Subscription – $25-$60
There are lots of meal delivery services out there. You know, the companies that send you the exact ingreditnes you need along with the instructions for the meal? Most of them offer some sweet deals for new sign-ups, so you could send a super thoughtful gift for cheap!

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