5 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Hacks!

Posted on November 17th, 2017 by Uncategorized

sink and drawer

Tired of the bathroom clutter that no matter how many times you re-organize, just still seems to pop back into your life? Want a way to fix it? Here’s the cure!

So many times in my life have I been tired of cleaning and re-organizing the drawers day after day. I have tired sectioning off the items and categorizing them countless times, and I’m finally happy that I found the way to fix it!

*The dollar store has each of these objects.

1. They have little drawer organizers that are perfect for makeup, bobby pins, clips, and anything you put into those little drawers.

2. Ice tray can be the perfect use for your little earrings that seem to go missing one-by-one!

3. A candle holder can be used for keeping Q-Tips in, and Cotton Balls!

4. Lastly, a tier tower to keep on the table for all your random things that you just don’t have enough counter space for.

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