4 Cheap DIY Dog Toys

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For some reason my dogs have always loved playing with items that aren’t necessarily dog toys. When my Aussie spent a solid 15 minutes throwing an empty sour cream container around the house today I honestly couldn’t figure out why on earth I’d spent so much money on his heaping pile of toys in the doggie toy basket. $10 squeaky elephant vs. empty sour cream container that would’ve just ended up in the trash… Sour cream container for the win.

Honestly though, dogs do not care in the slightest if you spent 20 bucks on a fancy new toy. They may like it for a little bit, but often end up playing with a random object that just makes you want to roll your eyes and double check the pet stores’ return policy.

If you’re low on cash but still want to provide your pooch with fun new toys that will spark their excitement and help them to get some exercise you really don’t need to look any farther than around your own home. Here are a few simple ideas for fun toys your dog will love.

Apple Kong – For the peanut butter lovers. Kong’s are great, but they’re really pricey! Instead of dishing out money for one of those, simply dig out the core and seeds in an apple and fill up the middle with peanut butter. They’ll spend a good amount of time licking out the peanut butter, and they can chew at/eat the apple as well for some added nutrition!

Water Bottle in a Sock -For the dog that loves the noisy crinkly toys. The sock will help it last longer, protect them from any sharp edges once the bottle is punctured, and to provide better grip.

Braided T-Shirt Rope Toy -For the dog that loves tug of war. Take that old t-shirt and cut it into strips. Braid them together for a sturdy tug-toy.

Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser -For the food-obsessed or bored pooch. Cut a slit into a tennis ball and fill with treats. The ball will rattle, which is oh-so-cool to dogs, and when bitten properly, treats can be released.


What are some of your dogs’ favorite homemade toys? Please share them with us!

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