4 Alternate Uses for Baby Clothes

Posted on June 6th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I get attached to “things”. I have about 40 boxes of children’s clothes in my garage. I’m holding onto it for 2 reasons. One, we want to have one more baby and then I don’t have to buy more and I just can’t part with them. My babies wore those clothes. We have memories in them. So instead of selling them or giving them away, I’m doing other things with them. This will apply even after we have another baby.

1. Store them for grandchildren. My children are 2 and 4, but I’m already thinking grandchildren. My mom saved my baby clothes and I am so grateful for that. My daughter wears my nightgowns and it’s so cute. There were also some clothes in there that my grandmother had made for me and I could still smell my grandparents. It was so special!

2. Quilt it. I love this idea so much! Take your favorites and make a quilt out of them. You’ll have something you can pass down for generations and it won’t take up space in your garage.

3. Doll clothes. Your children will have a blast putting their old clothes on their dolls and you’ll have fun seeing them using them.

4. Use them as decoration. This only works for 1-3 pieces, but buy a shadow box and put your most favorite outfit on display. It will bring back great memories. I want to do this with the outfit my son was wearing when he took his first steps.


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