3 Ways to Make Extra Money (Perfect for Christmas Gifts!)

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If you’re in need of a little extra cash, especially as we head into the crazy holiday season, then you have come to the right place for ideas! It can be so hard to build up additional cash for Christmas presents when you’re already juggling the other expenses life throws at ya, and it’s not always probable that you’ll get a raise or find a higher-paying job in time for the holidays. Because of that, I’ve compliled 5 of my favorite ways to earn some extra cash for the holiday season!

Legal focus groups:

I just participated in my first focus group last week, and I loved it! Basically, some law firms need people to come in for a few hours where they can gather opinions on certain legal cases. This helps them to strengthen their cases, or determine whether to take on particular cases at all. The group I attended was 3 hours long, lots of fun, and best of all they provided dinner and refreshments along with a $50 check for my participation! Not bad for just a few hours of my day.

Sell your clothing:

Whenever I clean out my closet, I gather a large bag of clothes that I don’t want any more, and I take them to a local thrift store in Utah called Plato’s Closet. The store will look through my clothes and pick out the items they want. They’ll then offer me cash for those items and return the rest, which I then donate to a charity. I’ve received as much as $70 to as little as $15 – this varies depending on the sizes you provide, and whether the items are currently in-style.

Yard sale/Craigslist:

This one is tried and true. I’m sure you have lots of items just sitting around in your house. Instead of letting it take up space and accumulate dust, sell it! There are lots of apps and websites that you can list your items on if you’re not interested in hosting a yard sale.

There you go! Just 3 of my favorite ways to get a little extra cash. Try them out and let me know what you think! Good luck!

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