3 Things Parents Do To Save Money

Posted on January 14th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Little kids and babies are cute. They are absolutely adorable. They are also expensive. It is amazing how much more consideration a child adds to your budgeting sessions. From the beginning parents find themselves wondering how they can save a little money while caring for this tiny angel with many needs.

Potty Train Early

It’s not a big secret. If you have cloth diapers, you’re sick of washing them. If you use disposable diapers you are sick of buying them. Diapers are expensive. So sometimes a parent will try to potty train early in the hopes of removing diapers from their budget. It doesn’t work that well because often the training happens before the time that a child has bladder control. But once that magical time does occur, what a joy to the budget it is!

Make Their Own Baby Food

If you have a blender and some oatmeal, you may have tried to pulverize the oatmeal into a baby appropriate substance. Sometimes it works and other times you use a strainer to get the bigger pieces of oatmeal out of the baby food mix. You do this with bananas, apple, peas, and cooked spinach. Now your child can eat what you’re eating for dinner, age appropriateness pending.

Buy Big Clothing

Instead of buying your two year old a bunch of 2T or 24 month clothing, you buy clothes (and shoes) in the next size up. Your hope? That they will just look a little baggy. A toddler can get away with a little baggy clothing. It looks cute. If the pants are a little too big we roll up the legs a little and add a belt to the purchase. This will keep us from buying new clothes for our child quite as often. It works particularly well in the winter, adding more insulation. Besides, room to grow is much more comfortable for kids than too tight and two weeks to payday.

What do you do to save money with kids?


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