3 Other Uses for Hot Dog Chili

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I know I love a chili dog every now and again, so we keep hot dog chili in stock at our home. Lately I find myself thinking up different uses for hot dog chili.

In Spaghetti Sauce

I have started adding hot dog chili to spaghetti sauce instead of beef or sausage. It saves me a step in cooking the meat without loosing that protein texture I like in my spaghetti sauce. I use a chili that has a tomato like base just to be sure the two flavors blend well. This also saves us money when we buy meat.

On a Baked Potato

I really enjoyed the hot dog chili on a baked potato. All the ingredients we add to a baked potato, like cheese, bacon or sour cream, ¬†also work well with the chili. It adds a little more substance to the potato and makes a whole new meal. In fact it works so well on a baked potato, I’m thinking about trying hot dog chili on mashed potatoes as well instead of gravy.

The Classic

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I love to make chili mac on those sweat pants days. I use one box of macaroni and cheese and one can of hot dog chili mixed together. Vegetables like peas, carrots and corn can also be mixed in to create a more balanced and colorful meal.


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