3 Ideas You Haven’t Thought of to Reduce Food Waste

Posted on April 25th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

grocery mishaps

Nobody likes to waste food, but sometimes we all make mistakes that cause us to get rid of food we would rather not have. Here are a few tips on how to avoid that.

Different Packaging

Imagine an early morning where your are making breakfast. You’re boiling water and and pulling out the ingredients. As you pour your mix into the water you realize that it’s not Cream Of Wheat. It’s pancake mix. You find yourself either spooning boiled pancake mix out in hopes to salvage your boiled water or just starting from scratch and cursing that you have just wasted family food. I have seen this happen with chocolate milk being mistaken for regular milk as well. Chocolate mac and cheese is not a tasty treat. Try buying foods stored close to each other in different types of packaging, or repackage them in your own Tupperware containers.

Child Proof

Do you have small children that can open the fridge door? I have known people that have put a lock on the fridge in an attempt to keep their little ones from pulling food out. If you aren’t ready to put a lock on the fridge just yet, consider some of the following tips. Store all powdered materials ( powdered drinks, flour, sugar, ect.) high in the cupboard where kids can’t reach them. Put eggs on the top shelf of the fridge in the back behind other items. Child proofing cupboards and the fridge with safety latches isn’t a terrible idea either. It’s also nice to have a child distraction shelf. Stock a shelf in reach of little one with things they like to eat that you don’t mind them getting into. It’s less likely they will feel the need to climb up to the flour.

Only One The First Time

If you are like me, you may have a whole cupboard of food products that you wanted to try, but once you did you wished you hadn’t wasted your money. It’s time to clear out this cupboard. Just let go of the someday you may eat these items. Admit you don’t like them and move on. Next time get the smallest package possible, wait for reviews, or try the new flavor chip at a friend’s home. There is less guilt in throwing out a tiny package than a full sized one.


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