3 Homemade Teethers for Baby

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When babies are teething they need lots of different objects to help soothe their sore gums. Sometimes the typical teething ring works great, and other times it doesn’t do the trick. In order to keep baby comfortable during the rough teething stages typically from age 6 months to 2 years old, you’ll need lots of different remedies on hand.

Plastic teething rings and other baby teething toys can work great, but they’re not always the most practical options if you’re concerned about only using it for a short period of time and then needing to throw it away. Instead of spending money on lots of those, grab a couple at the store but then try out a few of these other simple remedies as it will both save you money and help the Earth by reducing landfill.

Frozen Washcloth

This is one of the most popular methods for soothing a teething baby’s gums. All you need to do is get a washcloth wet and put it in the freezer, then let baby chew on the cold rag once it’s frozen.

Hard Fruits and Vegetables

Freezing is optional, but not required with fruits and vegetables once baby reaches solid-food age. A celery stalk or large peeled carrot stick can work great, just as long as baby is constantly supervised and only large pieces of produce are used in order to prevent a choking hazard.

Frozen Pacifier

Squeeze the pacifier nipple to release the air, and then submerge in water and release in order to suck the water into the pacifier. Fill about halfway, and then place in the freezer until the water is frozen. This works great for babies who find comfort in pacifiers, and really helps to soothe those back molars.

If you’ve got a favorite homemade teether, please let us know in the comments!

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