3 Couponing Misconceptions

Posted on April 27th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

I am amazed at some of the things I hear non-couponers say when they hear I coupon. There are definitely some misconceptions out there that I want to set the record straight on 🙂

1. All couponers are destitute. Interesting enough, wealthier households are more likely to use coupons. According to the Nielsen Company, “38% of “super heavy” users and 41% of “enthusiasts” come from households with incomes greater than $70,000.” Below is an awesome graphic from the Neilsen Company that collects statistics on U.S. households.

2. People who coupon always spend hours clipping and shopping for their deals. There are some couponers who spend a lot of time couponing, but this isn’t how you have to do it. You can spend as little as an hour a week and still save money. Couponing doesn’t have to be extreme. The point of couponing is to save money, not clear shelves with 100 of the same coupons that you clips from your 100 newspapers you have delivered every Sunday.

3. People who coupon only buy junk food. While it is true that coupons for fresh produce and meats are hard to find, they do exist. It’s all about smart couponing and always check out Thrifty Divas for deals because finding healthy deals are a big deal to us. We even post Whole Food match ups every week. Couponers can definitely eat healthy and still save money

What are some misconceptions you’ve heard about couponing?


  1. Kristen eby April 27, 2012

    We all steal from the stores and are cheats

  2. sandra April 27, 2012

    I’ve been couponing for a year now and averaging savings about $300 month, I check blogs, print coupons, clip the newspaper ones and make a list according, I don’t shop every day usually once a week and average 60% savings! I love it and will continue!

  3. terri April 28, 2012

    I have been couponing for a month now, wanted to see if I really could save money..between price matching and using coupons..I now can afford more meat and higher priced items that I usually wouldn’t buy. I have saved so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have items that I donate to our local help house..My biggest problem is getting some of the items that are money makers because of the extreme couponers..they wipe the shelves clean..and some stores won’t restock till after sales or coupons expire..I am now addicted to finding the best deals…

  4. Jennifer April 28, 2012

    I have shown many people how I coupon and find that the ones with the higher income, are the ones who stick with it. Go figure, the ones who truly need to coupon rarely put forth the effort needed and cry they don’t have enough to eat, while the ones who do not need to say I want to know how to coupon while I am financially stable so if I ever have to it will already be a habit.
    I have a coupon group that emails and meets all the time and 1/2 have 6 figure incomes.

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