11 Free & Easy Ways Kids Can Be Kind To Planet Earth

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Kids that learn from an early age to respect the Earth will grow up to be adults that respect the Earth. Having a holiday revolving around out planet is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about taking care of her. Here are 11 super easy ways you and your family can help our planet!

  1. Be nice to the bees. (Teach them about how incredibly important honey bees and bumble bees are to the Earth. Watching the Bee Movie would be an extra great way to learn!)
  2. Go on a bike ride. (Next time you’re headed to the park (or anywhere, really!) take your bikes! It’s a great way to get some extra exercise and teach about keeping the air clean from pollution.)
  3. Switch from buying packs of plastic water bottles and give each family member their very own reusable water bottle. Personalize the bottle with their name for an extra fun touch.
  4. Plant a tree from a branch clipping. (While they help you plant the tree talk about how trees produce oxygen and provide homes for lots of animals. This can also turn into a science lesson as you explain how a new tree can grow from a branch that is planted correctly!)
  5. Clean up your trash and any other trash you see. (Grab some gloves and some bags and head to the local park to pick up trash. Turn it into a game to see who can fill up their bag the most!)
  6. Turn off the lights before you leave each room. (Make a game out of it! There are even fun songs you can sing about turning out the lights.)
  7.  Save water. (It’s as simple as turning the water off while brushing your teeth, or making sure you don’t leave the hose running outside.)
  8. Use both sides of the paper when coloring. (Easy enough! If kids are made aware that paper comes from trees, and trees ((like the one they planted with you outside)) need to be cut down to be turned into their paper, they may be less likely to waste pieces.)
  9. Reuse items for fun crafts. (The possibilities here are endless. A yogurt cup can make a fun vase for a flower, an egg carton can be painted and turned into a jewelry holder, a toilet paper roll can be transformed into a toy car…etc.)
  10. Plant flowers. (Super easy, and ties in nicely with taking care of the bees. You can teach about how bees carry pollen from one flower to the next, making more and more flowers grow to make the earth so beautiful.)
  11. Recycle. (Use a cheap garbage can, bin, or reuse a cardboard box to hold recyclables. Teach your kids about why recycling is so important as you make a designated place to toss recyclable items. Mention that items like plastic water bottles can end up being made into a park bench one day if they’re recycled.)


Teaching your family about the importance of being kind to the Earth can be a lot of fun! You could make a whole day out of these fun ideas without spending any money at all.



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