Things To Do With An Old Car

Posted on May 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


At some point most people end up getting a better vehicle and when that day comes (unless you are passing it down to someone) it’s time to figure out what to do with the old vehicle. What if you couldn’t really sell it to someone in good conscience?  What if you need to get it out of the apartment complex’s parking lot before it gets towed or ticketed? Here are a few ways to get rid of or use that old car that can be a profit to you.

Use It For Parts

Save yourself some money by buying a newer model of the same make of car that is currently sitting in your yard or driveway. You can use the old car as your own personal pick and pull. If you know how to do your own work ( or know your way around the maintenance manual) you can save quite a bit of money on auto repair.

Sell It For Parts

There may be parts that you can’t use from the older model on the newer car. In a case like that you could sell the used part. The same applies if you choose to get a different type of car altogether. When your old car just isn’t running this is a good route to take. You can still get some of that money you have invested in that car rather than just call it a loss and have it towed away.

Sell It For Scrap

When you just can’t find a use for your old vehicle (it’s too old or too rundown) you can sell it for scrap. This is a great option when you have an older car or truck because there seems to be more metal in older vehicles.  It may not be a huge sum, but it’s still money.


Uses For Baby Food Jars

Posted on May 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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If you have an infant, you’ve probably discovered that whether you planned to use store-bought jarred baby food or not, you found yourself with tons of baby food jars. Or perhaps you came across a bunch of jars at a garage sale and were sure they would be useful for something around the house…but what? The glass baby food jar has yet to fully give way to plastic for many reasons, and one of those is that there’s still a demand for the jars after the food in them has been eaten! Here are a few ideas using baby food jars that don’t involve baby food:

Candle Holder: Have you been trying to figure out how to display your little tealights without getting wax all over the place? Small candles are a perfect fit for lidless baby food jars! Add a little ribbon around the rim for a festive touch.

Spice Jars: Baby food jars generally come in 2 to 4oz sizes, perfect for bulk or home-dried spices. Make sure they are rinsed well and completely dry before putting the spices in! You can write labels on tape on the lids, or go creative and paint the lids with chalkboard paint and use chalk to write the labels.
Bug Catching Jars: Do you have a little one who likes to go bug hunting? Poke some air holes in the baby food jar lid with a nail (be careful, the underside of the holes may be sharp) and go bug hunting! When you’re done observing your bug, it’s easy to unscrew the lid and let it back into the wild!

Odds and Ends: Do you have lots of buttons lying around? Hair ties that end up everywhere? Beads for multiple art projects? Baby food jars are great for storing lots of little things in. They stack all right, and a properly screwed-on lid won’t easily pop off, spilling its contents everywhere!

What other uses for baby food jars have you discovered?

If You Want A Backyard Farm

Posted on May 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


One of the best ways to save money is to have a bit of land and to be self-sufficient. The only problem is that becoming self-sufficient costs money in the beginning. Here are a few things to consider if you are considering a small backyard farm.

Multi Purpose Animals

Think about getting a couple of miniature goats. You would want a type of goat that has a body covering that can be used to make yarn. You would also want female goats to produce goats milk. Last you may need to learn to make cheese from the goats milk. While these animals will take money to shelter and feed these animals they can provide much in return in the way of materials and food products.

Chickens can also be multipurpose. They lay eggs and their poop can be added to fertilizers for the garden. Of course you can eat your animals too, but that can make your farm less productive.

Garden Area

People go a little crazy when it comes to their gardens. They often bite off more than they can chew. While it is good to have a garden to cultivate food independence, it is also good to know how much you can actually handle. There is the cost of watering the garden, fertilizer costs and of course the amount of time and manpower you have to provide upkeep.

Also consider what crops you are growing and how much room they are going to take.  Growing wheat or corn is a noble goal, but do you have the room to actually grow enough to make it worth your while.Will your family eat the plants that you grow? You can grow all the okra in the world, but if your children detest okra it won’t get you very far.

Last you need to be able to store your harvest. Get a friend to teach you how to jar or can your excess produce. You may also want to learn to pickle or dehydrate your harvest. This will allow you to enjoy your investment into the winter months.

Left Over Baby Food

Posted on May 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Congratulations! You have a one year old. You also have a couple cases of left over baby food that he or she wasn’t eating last week and definitely won’t eat now. I mean they can have the goodness of solid food. You may find yourself in a position where you don’t have friends with babies and a while bunch of baby food you don’t want to waste. Here are some ways to use up that baby food.


Instead of waiting for bananas to soften for banana bread use the already pureed banana baby food. You can also use other baby food fruits as a pie filling. Using a jar or baby food corn works great for adding a little moisture into corn bread

Frozen Treat

You can dump the leftover baby fruit into a bowl and freeze it. Then eat it with some whipped cram as a frozen treat. You can take the runnier fruits and make them into fruit popsicles.


You can add vegetables in disguise in soups and chili by stirring a jar of baby food vegetables into the mix. The same can be said of baby food meats. It’s a fast way to add meat to a chili or soup without the thawing and cutting. it also ensures the meat is easily chewed by your younger family members.


If you have a sick child and are worried that they need to eat something ( or your trying to avoid dry heaving) consider using baby food. It’s broken down enough to get some nutrients into your child’s system and if they do end up throwing up, at least they have something to throw up.


Cereals can be mixed with other hot cereals or add-ons such as peanut butter or jelly. Rice cereal is a good base for a rice pudding. You may also find you like baby oatmeal better than regular oatmeal. It pours smoothly, and if stirred well, can have less lumps. Baby cereals are also a good way to add texture to soups or chili.

Keeping Kids Outside This Summer

Posted on May 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Kids playing outside save money most of the time. You use less air conditioning. You use less electricity. You hear less whining. The only thing you may use more of is water, but that’s a good thing. How can you get your kids to stay outside?

Proper Lotions And Sprays

The first thing you need to do is use sunblock and insect repellant. This can keep many of the health issues that come along with summer at bay. You may also want to opt for shorter haircuts. This keeps your children cooler longer, and makes less hair to go through if you need to look for ticks or other creepy crawlies that may get into a child’s hair. Set up areas of shade in the back yard. If you don’t have a patio or covered porch set a tent up in the back yard. It will provide a little shade and still be fun for the little ones to play in.

Strict Dress Code

Bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts. With the exception of special events or Sunday afternoons, this is all you really need to keep in a child’s summer wardrobe. You may want to accessorize with hats and sunglasses and sandals. Make sure to get sandals that strap onto your child’s feet rather than flip flops. They are harder to lose, provide a little more ankle support and meld well into indoor settings.

Food And Water

Have an out to eat garden. This is a special little garden the kids are free to pick from when they are hungry. If you don’t like the idea of your kids drinking from the hose when outside have a little cooler outside for them as well, filled with water and ice. Add a few water balloons too, just in case it’s extra hot. Trust me. The kids will know what to do with them.


Because You Can’t Sleep Just Anywhere Anymore

Posted on May 28th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


Moving into a new area and leaving some of the things we own behind can be difficult. This is extra true if one of the things we left behind was the bed. This is even more difficult when we discover that we aren’t as young as we used to be and can’t sleep on just any surface anymore. Our air mattress is falling apart and, if we are really honest with ourselves we weren’t getting a great night sleep on it anyway. We are ready to consider a used mattress, but how can we make extra sure that’s what we’ll get?

Mattress Condition

The ideal used mattress is still wrapped in plastic because the previous owners never removed it. These are far and few between so there are a few things that you should check for in a used mattress.

Start off by wondering how many pets the previous bed owners had and how well behaved they were. Did they claw up the sides of the mattress? Did the cats break into the bottom of the box spring and use it as a littler box?

Move on to the other areas of concern. Are their stains on the mattress? Are there any holes in it? If the owner is available ask why they are getting rid of it. Is it because it’s infested with lice or are they just buying a new, larger bed?

Last consider the quality of mattress you are getting. Are there broken springs? Is there a dip in the center where the mattress is broken down? If so you may be better off looking for a different used bed.

Cleaning It Up

You will need lots and lots of disinfectant spray. Once you have found a used mattress that you feel is decent, you will want to spray it down with a disinfectant (not air freshening) spray. Seriously. Soak it. Make sure it is wet with spray when you are finished with it. Spray it on all sides and corners. As it dries you can inspect your box spring. Cut open the bottom of it to make sure there is nothing hiding in it ( spiders, litter box surprises or other garbage. Spray the box spring down on the inside as well as the outer surfaces.

Just In Case

Always have sheets on the bed. In fact if you are still a little paranoid about the mattress ( you knew the owners and while generous, they weren’t very tidy) it may be best to put a plastic or rubber sheet covering on it for the  first few weeks. Continue to spray it down weekly (or daily) if you so choose.

Smart and Thrifty Grocery Shopping

Posted on May 26th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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Grocery shopping! You probably either love it or you hate it. Shopping can be fun, but when you’re trying to plan meals, snacks, and stick to a budget, it can easily feel overwhelming, especially when you. get to the checkout lane and realize you’ve spent far more than you intended. Here are a few tips to keep costs down while you’re at the supermarket:

Shop with a list: The easiest way for your grocery budget to spin out of control is to shop without a list. Maybe you meant to only buy bananas and apples in the produce section, but when you get there, flashy signs advertise sales on mangos—lowest price of the season!—and strawberries, which are your favorite fruit, and before you know it, you’ve got an extra ten bucks worth of produce in your cart, none of it that you really needed. Certainly it’s nice to treat yourself once in a while, but when you constantly shop off your list, those “treats” become more frequent and add up over time.

Buy in season: Local, seasonal eating can be quite a bit cheaper than simply eating your favorite foods year-round. While modern refrigerated shipping containers mean you can have almost anything you want no matter the season, local foods are cheaper when they’re ripe in your area.  Last July, all sorts of berries were cheap and prolific in my home region of the Pacific Northwest. I flew to visit family in southern California and there was nary a berry to be found, but avocadoes and limes were dirt cheap.

Bring reusable bags: Some cities have completely banned the use of plastic bags in their jurisdiction. Customers must either bring their own bags, or pay an extra nickel for a paper bag from the store. Other large chain stores, while not required to by law, have followed suit and while they will not charge you to use bags from their stores, they will deduct a few cents for every reusable bag of your own you bring along. These pennies add up over time!

Free Trial Box of Graze Snacks

Posted on May 26th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia

Each graze box is made up of perfectly portioned snacks customized for each individual based on taste preferences and dietary requirements. Available as a weekly or bi-weekly delivery nationwide to your office or home. Several different box options that showcase our assortment of 100+ snacks including the Variety Box, Sharing Box, Calorie Count Box, Sugar Count Box, and more.


·       The snacks in each box are customized based how you rate the snacks on their website. You can love, like, try, or trash each snack option.

·       They then handpick a box based on these ratings to ensure you always receive the food tailored to your taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

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